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A Word About My New Novel "A Quiet Cabin."

As a novelist, you a can almost feel like a mental patient writing in a cage. My blog has been silent on this website far too long but for a writer, this can sometimes be a good sign.

It means we're actually working and working hard. At this stage I've managed to complete my new novel "The Quiet Cabin" My books are short sometimes but I can never predict how long they'll turn out. They seem to take on a life of their own at a certain point which is part of the mystery that keeps me going.


( please note all sample book pages posted on this blog page are rough and unedited )

The story is set a short time into the future. William Turner, an ex-army sniper, lives reluctantly with his second daughter-in-law, son and two children in a luxurious cabin, hidden within the mountains of Tennessee. From the beginning William is on a mission, his final one. A suicide mission that ends up leading him through a series of badly planned adventures.The trigger comes when he overhears his new daughter in law trying to convince his son to put him in a state run nursing home. A fate he considers worse than death. Both father and daughter in law maintain a bitter relationship,although Turner remains mostly quiet, keeping it all inside until he reaches a breaking point.

Seeking to go out with some artifice as opposed to a self inflicted gunshot,Turner comes up with some elaborate schemes to do himself in without leaving a suicide trail, taking great pains to insure the deed will look like an accident. Each plan fails, landing him in one troubling situation after another, until one evening he attends a lecture given by a woman he was once attracted to in high school; an award winning botanist, touring the country to promote her book and giving talks on the subject of poisonous plants.

Turner attends one of her lectures, looking forward to meeting an old high school crush while taking notes on which plants might work best to bring about his demise. William's plans change when he and the woman end up slowly falling for each other.

They pick out a house in the same town as William Turner's son's home and move in together. William ignores the warning signs that she may be just as unstable as he is but his family is on high alert.The relationship ends up going South with William Turner blaming everyone in his family including himself and swearing to enact revenge.

A house robot purchased at great expense for the cabin by William's son Phillip through a friendship with it's inventor, is named Gus. Gus is an additional character in the story, essentially a manservant, Gus can make breakfast for the family as easily as he can dress his employer or neutralize an intruder. What happens when all these fringe characters intermingle is not what you might expect. Stay tuned to this page and I'll let you know when it's released, in addition to posting some excerpts along the way. Be sure to check for current updates. An amazing story is coming your way, one I hope you'll never forget.

Love to all,



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