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Marc Meyer is a successful jazz pianist, concertizer, author and T'ai Chi instructor who has worked with prominent jazz and pop musicians throughout the industry. In his early twenties Marc toured with the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose Soul Review, who had mega hits in the 1970's such as "It's too late to Turn Back Now" and "Treat Her Like A Lady". Marc later recorded with Dave Samuels of the group Spyro Gyra who collaborated on a project of his at the Record Plant Studios, New York City in 1982. His musical talents have earned him praise from music producers Van Dyke Parks and Quincy Jones. Marc has maintained a long and distinguished career as a professional solo pianist during which time he played for Senator Ted Kennedy, George Herbert Walker Bush and most recently the Countess Canarvon, owner of Highclere Castle in October of 2017, where most of the scenes from the Acclaimed B.B.C. Television series " Downton Abbey" were filmed. Marc was also recently invited to play a Holiday Open house at The White House, picked from thousands of applicants on December 20th 2020. 


His debut novel "Taichi: The Story of A Chinese Master in America" has earned praise for its addictive storytelling, realistic characters and authenticity from Matt Polly, New York Times bestselling author of "American Shaolin" and "Tapped Out". Matt Polly lived and studied with the monks of the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. Phil Jason, reviewer and critic for Florida Weekly Newspaper calls Taichi: "A detailed, entertaining look at the workings of an imposing physical and spiritual discipline that will keep you engaged and in awe."


With the release of his new novel, Marc hopes to establish a strong foothold in the literary world while enabling him to give back a portion of the gifts he has received through his involvement with Chinese martial arts for well over a decade.


Marc's home for the past twenty years has been in Naples, Florida where he makes his living as an author, musician and teaching T'ai Chi to residential communities.

Marc's hopes his new book "A Quiet Cabin" will be ready to release as a film script in 2021.


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