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Fleeing the Chinese Cultural Revolution for New York in the 1960's, Uncle Kuo, a T'ai Chi Master rumored to have once been the bodyguard of Mme. Chiang Kai Shek, finds himself in a vortex of adventures in the new novel by Marc Meyer, Taichi: The Story of a Chinese Master in America.

Once Kuo is reunited with his Asian-American family, he opens a T'ai Chi school, teaching T'ai Chi principles along with it's martial arts techniques. Surprised by the social unrest and violence he encounters, Kuo takes his young nephews under his wing as students, teaching them life lessons and self defense through the art of T'ai Chi principles.

"We learn about Kuo and his journey through the eyes of his nephew," says author Marc Meyer. "He provides us a glimpse into the hidden world of yesteryear's martial arts, practiced only in small enclaves of America's Chinatowns."

Kuo captures the true essence of a Master in the quiet way he approaches life's challenges, as well as the colorful words used to inspire his students. His nephew recollects, "Remember!" my uncle would call out as we watched him lead a class. "Upper body like a butterfly's wings, legs like steel."

Author Marc Meyer's talents are many. He is a professional pianist and has worked with prominent jazz and pop musicians throughout the music industry. In addition he is a T'ai Chi instructor as well as a writer. Taichi: The Story of a Chinese Master in America is his first book. His experience in T'ai Chi provides a truth in his writing that is symbolic of a memoir.






" Surprisingly charming novel about a young man coming of age in Chinatown under the tutelage of his Uncle Kuo, a Taichi master. The details are so precise... Clearly the author has spent a long time learning the details of life inside a Chinese dojo, because he gets all the little things just right".

Matt Polly N.Y . Times  bestselling author of "American Shaolin" and "Tapped Out".


" read! This debut novel in tightly crafted with an engaging does not have to be a student of Taichi to appreciate the book. Marc Meyer has a flair for writing lively, natural dialogue and creating characters real enough to want to meet in person."

Vikki Keller co-author of "Oakhurst:  The Birth and Rebirth of America's First Gof Course."

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